Okongo is a non-profit organization committed to elevating the quality of life of the Congolese people, both at home and in the United States. Our projects provide relief to the poorest of the poor, remove roadblocks to education, and equip individuals with skills and tools for meaningful employment. We believe every person is entitled to health and opportunity. By ensuring these rights we enable others to thrive.


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Our current project:

A Schoolhouse for Kinshasa's Slums

Many children attend Mfumu Kitengo Primary School in the outskirts of Kinshasa, but they do not have an adequate school house. Our desire is to construct a 6-room schoolhouse and a 3-room administration building with proper restrooms. The project would give generations of Congolese in the area a shot at a solid education not possible today, so they may break the cycle of poverty and become productive Congolese citizens.

To achieve this dream we depend upon your compassion and generosity. Please, make a donation.

Education is Key

Did you know that since 1998 an estimated 3 to 5 million Congolese have died from direct and indirect consequences of war in the DRC? Many Americans are unaware of these horrific statistics, and the US and world media are doing little to report the ongoing crisis. A big part of Okongo's mission is to raise awareness as a first step toward effective policies and interventions.

Okongo's founder, Wemba-koy Okonda, regularly attends events to educate people about the many social crises within the DRC including war, conflict minerals, rape, child soldiers and poverty. To schedule Wemba-koy to speak at your event, please email him at wembakoy@okongo.org.